A Few Words About Us

At Chameleon, our focus is to deliver new and distinctive brands to our clients in Texas. We partner with our producers and clients to ensure brands we bring to Texas become well-known in the marketplace for their outstanding and unique qualities.

Chameleon Distributors is proud to present a wine portfolio filled with passion and dedication from winemakers in the United States and abroad.

Chameleon Distributors possesses over a hundred years of aggregate experience in the appreciation of fine wines. In 2012, Chameleon Distributors, a company for people who make, support, and desire fine wines was opened.

In the past few years, Chameleon Distributors has transformed from a small, ten-man operation servicing Houston to a well-versed operation, distributing wine to all of Texas.

Today, Chameleon Distributors has grown to become one of the premiere wine distributors in the state of Texas.


Chameleon Distributors is committed to representing the best wineries from around the world. Our focus is on bringing in unique wines that are new to Texas. By working closely with our customers, we ensure that these wines become widely known in the marketplace for their outstanding qualities.

Our clients are serious about wine and we are, too.

We represent wines that we intimately know

Our winemakers love what they do

We admire and respect their craft as professionals

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